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Test yourself: do you need an Au-Pair to assist you?



1. It’s 6.30 a.m. when you get up, you realise that the little one has developed a high fever, and will not be able to go to the nursery. To add to this you have a very important presentation to hold in front of clients.

How do you handle this?

a) No problem! Your husband can work from home and will take care of your child

b) You start calling all the people you know in the neighborhood who might be able to help you

c) You wish you had an au-pair to assist you


2. You are bathing your newly born baby. Suddenly you hear your older daughter crying. She has fallen down the stairs.

How do you handle this?

a) You always stay calm in any situation anyway. Everything will be fine

b) You become frantic and run from one side of the house to the other to try and get the situation back under control

c) You wish you had an au-pair to assist you


3. Your table is set for dinner. While doing the cooking, you leave the 3 children playing in its living room. Accidentally, the 2 yr old pulls off the tablecloth and all the glasses and plates fall to the floor, breaking into thousands of pieces.

How do you handle this?

a) You calmly tell the kids to go and play in another room. They immediately obey your instructions and you clean up the mess.

b) Your children are still jumping around. You bring them to safety in another room, before they cut themselves on some glass. Hoping nothing else will happen, you clean up the mess

c) You wish you had an au-pair to assist you


4. It’s 3 a.m. Your child has been ill for three days. Suddenly she becomes much worse and has difficulty breathing. You know you should take her to hospital. Your other child is still sleeping. Unfortunately your husband is abroad on business.

How do you handle this?

a) No worries, your mum lives next door, you give her the baby phone and drive to the hospital

b) You put both children in the car but still have to dress them up warmly because it’s freezing cold outside.

c) You wish you had an au-pair to assist you and exceptionally help you during the night.


5. On Thursday mornings you are allowed to work from home. Your 4 month old baby girl just fell asleep and you contact per email your line manager that you would be available the next 45 minutes for an important call. Your boss lets you know that he will call you in 5 minutes. Unfortunately your baby starts crying again and vomits all her milk.

How do you handle this?

a) You bring the baby to your neighbour who is always willing to help in these situations

b) You have to cancel the call and you do not know how furious your boss really will be

c) You wish you had an au-pair to assist you


6. Tomorrow night you would like to go out for a Romantic dinner with your husband

How do you handle this?

a) Your husband’s mum will take care of the kids

b) You try to organise your usual babysitter but she is on holiday and do not know if you can really trust the new one.

c) You wish you had an au-pair to assist you


7. Your twins will turn 2 years old and you have to organise a huge birthday party on the coming Saturday.

How do you handle this?

a) You have the food delivered by a catering company and your husband takes care of the kids while you set up the table for the guests

b) You put the kids in front of TV for 3 hours even if your principle is against watching TV for more than 30 minutes a day

c) You wish you had an au-pair to assist you


8.  Your best friend has asked you for a get together in a coffee shop because she is going through a divorce and needs some support from you. You are having this very serious conversation with your girlfriend, and suddenly your little girl starts shouting and she is obviously having a big tantrum.

How do you handle this?

a) You tell her to stop and she obeys right away

b) You try to calm your child down, at the same time your friend is screaming in dispair.

c) You wish you had an au-pair to assist you


9. Your twins are 5 years old and tomorrow the Kindergarten take them out sledging in the first winter snow

How do you handle this?

a) In the evening you spend 30 mins getting everything together (gloves, helmets, overall etc). So you will have a normal morning

b) In the morning you get up 30 mins earlier. Running round getting everything together. But your children still arrive at kindergarten 30 minutes late

c) You wish you had an au-pair to assist you


10. You are pregnant and would like to continue working part-time after your maternity leave. Your have an appointment with My Happy Family to discuss solutions around child care. My Happy Family explains to you and your husband the details of the International Au-Pair Program.

What is your reaction?

a) You cannot imagine having somebody living at home with you even if you have an extra bedroom in the house

b) Why not? An Au-Pair will help me take care of the new born baby and she can also assist with the household chores: It will definitely give us more time for our selves and family life!! Also, it will give me more flexibility to go back to my part-time work after my leave. We are looking forward to treating the Au-Pair like a family member and know that we can still have our privacy, which is great!

c) An Au-Pair will be such a great help! Additionally it will be a fantastic experience for us and the child to have this intercultural exchange with an Au-Pair. We would like our child to  grow up in an international environment.



Please totalise the b)s and c)s that you have circled:

You have circled more than 3?
You should start thinking of hiring an Au-Pair

You have circled more than 5?  You probably need an Au-Pair

You have circled more than 7?  You definitely need an Au-Pair

You have circled 9?  You urgently need an Au-Pair

You have circled 10?  Why have you not called us yet?


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